In the 18th century after the beginning of the 'Silesian wars' in 1740 between Prussia and Austria (Frederic II. and Maria Theresia) there since 1742 happened a regular exodus, covered by prussian troops, of czech families mostly from nearby the border, to Silesia. Those people feeled themselve as traditional followers of the reformator Jan Hus and wanted to escape the permanent religious pressure of the catholic church in Bohemia (cuius regio eius religio) after the 30-year-war (1618-1648) in Middle Europe.

In Silesia in 1749 they founded the villages Friedrichstabor and Hussinetz (Husinec), 1752 Friedrichsgrätz. The greatest settlement in Silesia was Hussinetz, next to the town Strehlen. Later in the next neighborhood the land for the villages Ober-, Mittel- and Nieder-Podiebrad (czech: Horní Podibrady, Srední P., Dolní P.) was purchased. Other nearby villages with a great part of Czech descendants were Töppendorf and Pentsch. The geographic datas of related villages in Silesia are given in the next table. People from all these villages can be found in the church books of Hussinetz (see internet-adresses). An other related village is Berlin-Rixdorf (since 1908: Berlin-Neukölln, see literature).

As an descendant of the founders of Hussinetz in Silesia and the later founded nearby villages Hussinetz is in the centre of my webside. Mr.Tscherny as well has descendants in the same villages. He summarized a very extensive collection of literature concerning Hussinetz and Strehlen (see internet-adresses).